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This is a sci-fi spaceship canyon chase scene. I rendered it with Mental ray renderer. If you are interested, you can buy both spaceships at the TurboSquid website :


This is a short animation demo, featuring the sun spider arachnid and a human character. The scene was assembled in Motion Builder. The sun spider uses only animations I made for the package on Unity store

This is a loopable clip, featuring the sun spider - solifugid. The scene was rendered in Maya, using Mental Ray renderer. The idle animation is identical to the one that comes with the sun spider package on Unity store.

These are some of the bipedal (quadrupedal) characters I animated for various small projects. All of them were keyframe  animated in Motion Builder 

This is my official animation and motion editing showreel. 

These are some of the custom rigs I've made in Maya for various projects

A quick keyframe animation, combining a character animated in MotionBuilder and his face animated in Maya. 

This is a collection of clips I made in my free time, while working at Platige in Poland. Since I had a 64GB RAM machine at my disposal, I decided to test its limits at calculating rag doll physics. I was very pleased to find out it could easily handle 40+ characters and still maintain 30+ fps. (clearly visible in the shot with the infantry platoon) When simply playing animation, MotionBuilder can handle 60+ characters. The battle between horsemen and infantry was playblasted in MotionBuilder real time (!)

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